Transforming Tracey March 15th

 Today, I'm hitting the reset button.  I can't really explain what happened, but my get up and go got up and went without me.  My birthday is quickly approaching and I'm determined to get some good habits back under my belt before then.  It's definitely a process to get these good habits going, but I'm back to my habits checklist.  My primary focus right now is my water, tracking and getting in a 30 minute workout. 

Daily Goals:

 ✔- Drink 75 oz.

 ✔- Workout 30 minutes

 ✔-Track/Blue Dot



  1. I have a birthday coming up in April. I would really like to be under 200 pounds before then! I need to focus on more water too. Right now my poor body survives on soda and junk!

    1. One step at a time! I overindulged on sodas over the weekend. Phases out junk around here. To be honest, things have gotten so expensive, I am really trying to cook at home more.

  2. I am glad you haven't given up. We both need to keep pushing forward. Last week I finally saw a loss. I am hopeful for another this week.

  3. I'm with you...continually restarting and finding my gumption to do this! You got this!


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