Transforming Tracey, Week 3, Day 1 and 2

 I have really been lax at getting things updated.  So here's what I did Monday (Week 3, Day 1):

Workout:  I did this 10 minute Walk 3 times during the day to equal my 30 minutes.  I was reminded that some days you just have to find time!

Breakfast: I was feeling something with Peanut Butter, so I had Peanut Butter Toast, a banana and my coffee. 

Lunch: I was focused on getting something quickly so I went with some Garlic Hummus, a cucumber and some Joseph's Mini Pitas.

Dinner:  I was exhausted so I just threw together a basic breakfast casserole and then I wound up having 2 servings, but I was still within my points.


Here's what I did on Tuesday (Week 3, Day 2):

Workout:  Again, my morning was a little off, so I did 2 Walk At Home 15 minute walks with Kamilah.  Then I did a half hour-ish of dancing (Nia) with Jan.  Definitely a good exercise day!

Breakfast:  I was not super hungry, so I had my coffee, then a chocolate protein shake and a banana.

Lunch: Someone posted a Mediterranean pita pockets with the recipe in one of the Facebook groups I'm in and I was inspired to create this.  It was so good!  

Dinner: I made a Taco Lentil Soup.  I added a serving of Daisy Sour Cream, Simple Truth Mashed Avocado, Doritos Simple Organic and a small container of black olives. It was higher point and I could have probably gotten away with less of the chips, but I had class last night and didn't want to keep leaving my computer.

Overall, I feel like I had a good food and exercise day.  My hope is to be back to updating each day of the week.

Have a great day, y'all!


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