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Transforming Tracey, Week 3, Day 4

  So here's what I did Thursday (Week 3, Day 4): Workout :  Breakfast : Lunch : Dinner :  Taco Bell Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme and a Bean Burrito.  Tracked it and moved on.  No picture.  Picture : Daily Goals:  ✔- Drink 75 oz.  ✔- Workout 30 minutes  ✔- Picture  ✔- Read  ✔-Track/Blue Dot  ✔-Stretching

Transforming Tracey, Week 3, Day 3

 So here's what I did Wednesday (Week 3, Day 3): Workout :  I picked this one from the 3 Mile Category, thinking it would only be about 40 minutes long like the one above it, but I got more than my 30 minutes in! Breakfast : I was craving something with eggs and I was in a hurry after that long workout so this is what I came up with.  Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower, with 2 egg whites and one 1 and 1/8 cup of Trader Joe's Lite Cheese Blend and my coffee and pineapple. Lunch : I had a delicious filled pita yesterday but it sort of fell apart, so I "deconstructed" it for today's lunch! I had to do 2 screen shots because it wouldn't all fit on one screen shot. Dinner :  We have church tonight so I needed something quick.  We just had some Tomato Basil Soup and grilled cheeses. I cut my grilled cheese up into small pieces and put it in my soup.    Picture : Finally remembered today! Daily Goals:  ✔- Drink 75 oz.  ✔- Workout 30 minutes  ✔- Picture  ✔- Read  ✔-Trac

Transforming Tracey, Week 3, Day 1 and 2

 I have really been lax at getting things updated.  So here's what I did Monday (Week 3, Day 1): Workout:  I did this 10 minute Walk 3 times during the day to equal my 30 minutes.  I was reminded that some days you just have to find time! Breakfast: I was feeling something with Peanut Butter, so I had Peanut Butter Toast, a banana and my coffee.  Lunch: I was focused on getting something quickly so I went with some Garlic Hummus, a cucumber and some Joseph's Mini Pitas. Dinner:  I was exhausted so I just threw together a basic breakfast casserole and then I wound up having 2 servings, but I was still within my points.   Here's what I did on Tuesday (Week 3, Day 2): Workout:  Again, my morning was a little off, so I did 2 Walk At Home 15 minute walks with Kamilah.  Then I did a half hour-ish of dancing (Nia) with Jan.  Definitely a good exercise day! Breakfast:  I was not super hungry, so I had my coffee, then a chocolate protein shake and a banana. Lunch: Someone posted a M

Transforming Tracey, Week 2, Day 2

Transforming Tracey, Week 2, Day 1 and 2: Workout for January 31st and February 1st. Pictures from February 1st and January 31st. Daily Goals:  ✔- Drink 75 oz.  ✔- Workout 30 minutes  ✔- Picture  ✔- Read  ✔-Track/Blue Dot  ✔-PT