75 Day Challenge - MyWW Purple - Day 0, September 20, 2020


When you get frustrated with how you are doing on your weight loss journey, you have big choices to make!  You have to make the decision to continue doing what you have been doing or make changes.  For me, I'm frustrated with my progress, or lack thereof, lately, so I decided I'm going to do a version of the 75 Day Challenge for myself.  I will not be following the Challenge as it's written, but I have some goals I will be striving for during the next 75 days.  

For the next 75 days, I will be focusing on:

1. Blue Dots each day following MyWW.

2. Drinking 4-28 oz. cups of water.

3. Workouts for 90 minutes each day.  It may be broken up during the course of the day.

4. Reading - 15 minutes per day.

5. Progress Photos Daily.

I've created a checklist based on my specifics.  I am excited because I tend to start strong and then it fizzles.  I think this will definitely help.  I'll be trying to blog to keep me accountable.  Care to join me?


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