Meal Planning Monday, January 6th

Happy Monday friends!  I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend!  After my gain this week, I'm determined to have a good on plan week!  I have reviewed some recipes and I'm also trying to use up some of the food that we have in the fridge and freezer and pantry before I try to get some meal prepping done later this month.  While I am sharing the recipe links to the ones I'm using, I am modifying some in order to use up some of the foods I currently have in my fridge and freezer.  Admittedly, I will have to buy some things at the store, I don't think it will be a really expensive trip.

My plan is to make some of the 2 Ingredient Dough bread sticks as shown by Kathy over at Kathy's WW Journey  I have been hesitant to try the 2 Ingredient Dough because, after years of bread making, I felt like this would be a little dense and I don't like my bread dense.   So I am going to take a shot and try them, but based on what she shared in her video, I feel like this is going to be a win for me.  Even if not this week, I want to try the onion bagel version.

Some of these are not WW friendly as written and I'm probably not helping that with the fact that I'm trying to use things I have on hand.  I'm sure I can tweak them a little more in the future though.  What are you cooking this week?  


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