Thursday Thoughts, November 14th

Happy Thursday a/k/a Friday eve friends!  As some of you may be aware, I follow WW and they have recently released the MyWW plans.  These plans consist of Green, Blue and Purple.  My choice may not be the same for everyone, but my hope is that no matter what journey that you choose that you will find something that works for you.  One plan does not necessarily fit all.  

MyWW Green Plan, you get 30 Daily Points, but everything has a points value other than the 100 fruits and vegetables on the 0 Points food list.

MyWW Blue is basically Freestyle another another name.  You get 23 Daily Points and 200 different foods on the 0 Points food list.

MyWW Purple is what I choose and is more similar to Simply Filling than Freestyle in that you don't have to track up to 300 different foods that are on the 0 Points food list and you get 16 Daily Points.  

Here's my take on it.  Each of the programs work and have worked for me personally, some just take me a little tweaking to figure out what works for me and my body.  Ultimately, I chose MyWW Purple because I feel like that will work best for me.  My spin on it, however, is that when I can, I am tracking all my foods, even those on the 0 Points Food list.  I found that that worked well for me on Freestyle so I feel like it will work for me on the Purple Plan as well.  Tracking everything, as I am choosing to do, may not work for everybody.  No matter what path you follow, I want you to find one that works, that you can be successful at, some of them do take a little more work or tweaking to make them work for you.  

If you are on WW and picked a MyWW plan, let me know in the comments!  I would love to hear which one you chose and how you are going to make it work for you! 


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