Simply Sunday, October 20th

Happy Sunday friends!  If you are watching me over on YouTube, you may already be aware of the news I'm going to share, but if not, let me share it now! 

I LOST 3 POUNDS THIS WEEK!  I know, I was not expecting that much, but I walked a lot this week!  That extra movement and getting a blue dot everyday definitely helped!  
 I am definitely going to try to keep moving this week.  Maybe I can hit 75,000 steps this week, if the migraines stay at bay.  That would be 15,000 steps each day.  Something to shoot for anyway, even if I don't make it, I can work on it until I get there!  How did I do it?  Well, 2 friends invited me to the Workweek Hustle on FitBit.  My competitive streak kicked in when I was able to get so many steps on Monday and while I didn't win first place in both of those, I got first place in one and second place in the other.  It definitely helped me on the scale, no doubt.  

I have meals planned and what I don't have specifically planned, I have ideas.  My high point dinners, I know I can have lower point breakfasts and lunches.  I am a woman determined to make these losses continue!  

My focus this week are definitely sticking with my planned meals, unless we have to go to Subway one night again.  We don't always have a lot of time for dinner if we have something else going on that night, like church nights.  Also, as discussed above, moving more.  I know it helps when I push myself.  Oh!  Let's not forget pushing the water!  I'm still averaging 94 oz per day during the week easily, but not so great on the weekend.  I'm trying to do better!


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