Pep Talk Tuesday, October 29th

Happy Tuesday friends!  We made it to Tuesday!  Yay!  It's time for another edition of Pep Talk Tuesday!  This is another important issue to discuss.  Again, this is a situation where I am seeing multiple people posting about struggling to find their motivation or that they are frustrated and struggling.  When you have been doing this for awhile, like I have, you realize that there are ups and downs on this journey.  There are times that you can FEEL the script flipping in your head and other times you feel like you are free falling.  There was a time, several years that I was not really working the plan, but I was going through the motions.  Here's the thing, I have been on this journey since well before my husband and I started dating, that was 11 years ago.  That has happened several times during my journey.  During this time, though, I was going to meetings and making an attempt to work the plan.  I was struggling to plan meals and grocery shop on a budget and make sure my family had some decent meals.  A couple, who was lifetime on WW by the way, said just plan ONE MEAL!  What? Really?  One meal?  It was like someone had given me a Golden Ticket!  One meal?  It's as easy as that?  Yes, because once I realized that planning ONE MEAL spurred me to get to a place where I now plan breakfasts, lunches and dinners more easily.  

Here's how this worked for me.  I began planning dinners for several weeks. I was not planning specific meals for specific nights, I was only planning 5 to 7 meals and then I would mark them off when we had them.  It helped in spurring me to make more decisions for my health and plan more meals, not just dinner.  Every day is about making 1 decision.  Choosing from my planned meals, the meals I chose for that week.  It was my 1 thing.  Soon, I was able to plan what  would have for breakfast each morning during the week.  That one decision to plan dinners, has helped more than that couple on lifetime with WW ever realized.  Do I still struggle?  Oh yes, I do.  Sometimes I struggle with moving more or I struggle with meal planning because I get overwhelmed with all the options.  Then I realize that I only have to do one thing.  One thing leads to another thing.  Honestly, a couple of weeks ago I managed to win a Workweek Hustle on FitBit.  How did I do it, I realized how easy it was once I got ahead to keep pushing myself to stay ahead.  It's all about your mindset.  Sometimes it takes some time to figure out how to get in your own head and how to get out of your own way.  We are complex people, with complex minds, and it takes some time to figure out how we tick.  I have been on a self discovery journey this year and it has helped so much in figuring some things out.  Here's my suggestion, start with 1 thing.  Once you master that, then you can add one more thing.  Don't rush it, don't get overwhelmed, it may take time.  If your one thing is something you can accomplish quickly, then chose another thing.  For me, it takes time to click.  

Are you on the struggle bus?  Is there a way that you can chose one thing?  


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