Pep Talk Tuesday, September 3rd

Happy Tuesday, friends!  First day back to work today.  Routines are good for me so I think it will be a positive thing for sure.  I feel set up for the week after spending some time meal prepping.  So, let't take a moment and talk a little about setting yourself up for success.  Since I decided to go with Barrett Pastor's plan of 23 Freestyle SmartPoints, but staying with 33 net carbs beginning September 1st.  I didn't really hit the grocery store or was prepared when I got up on Sunday morning.  I winged it, but it was hard.  My breakfast started out with Alpine Valley Sprouted bread and 2 eggs.  It started my carbs off really high.  I decided after church to make sure that I was prepared for the week.  I spent time on Sunday afternoon after church shopping and preparing some of the food.  Yesterday, I did take some time to relax and catch up on some YouTube videos.  Then I got up, I fixed meatloaf muffins and chicken fajitas to set myself up for success.  With this new program, I really need to be prepared or I will not be able to stick with the carbs that I need to.  I talked to my DH, I have a game plan for my workouts AND my meals are prepared.  So, let's talk about how you can set yourself up for success where your food is concerned.

1. Prepare elements that you can put together for a meal.  My options for this week are chicken thighs and chicken breasts and cooked up a pound of Bison.  Why does this matter?  Because I can easily throw some bison into my burritos that I have planned for dinner one day this week.  For the night we're having salads, I can throw some chicken in there to bulk it up.  I also love oven roasting some veggies so that are easy to just warm up and have for dinner.  

2. Stock your pantry/freezer/refrigerator.  Make sure that you have some canned or frozen veggies or fresh or frozen fruit.  So many are zero Freestyle SmartPoints, but ultimately they are just good for you.  Also, the little tuna packets or chicken packets are an easy thing to grab when you are running short on time.  Honestly, if you have it available, you are more likely to use it.

3. Cut your veggies/prepare your fruit and portion it out, if need be.  Again, if you have it available, you are more likely to use it.

4. One of the new things that I'm loving and still need to implement, one of the YouTubers that I follow puts everything together for her dinners for 4 days out of the week.  She doesn't wash it, but will cut up things like broccoli, etc, if she's using that.  That way it's all together and she's not guessing what she planned for dinner or that she didn't have something she was planning on having.  *Side note: I know I've had that happen, what about you?*

What are you going to do to set yourself up for success this week? 

I've already prepared my meals to alternate through the week.  I have a plan in place for my workouts.


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