Meal Planning Monday, September 30th

Happy Monday friends!  I hope that everyone had a great weekend!  We had some homecoming preparations for our daughter.  What are you having for your meals this week?  Last week was yet another stressful week, which made for a not so great food week.  Meals didn't get cooked as quickly as I would have liked and wound up being different than I planned, but it's okay.  I'm feeling a little more "head in the game" this week.  

Breakfasts this week:  Pancake bake for my daughter and probably a breakfast casserole or eggs for me.

Lunches: For my daughter, Lazy Man Lasagna (meatless) and sandwiches.

For the rest of us: salad, sandwiches and hamburger Philly Cheesesteak over cabbage

Dinners:  a Mexican casserole that I haven't made up yet. 
Fish and veggies
Kunk Poa Tempura Cauliflower with rice
Fettuccine Alfredo (I'll probably use the spaghetti squash I just cooked)
Sandwich night

Last week, we wound up at The Ultimate Willy Wonka party, which was awesome!  The week before it was Downton Abbey.  With the stress of being end of the month and being a person short, we worked some overtime just to make sure we didn't want to run screaming from the building.  I think this week will definitely be better! 

We had frozen pizza, a snacky dinner (I literally had 3 cheesesticks my husband made in the air fryer for me), Subway sandwiches, so not the best food choices.  I was craving sweets a lot and drank 2 Dr Peppers this week.  Well, I don't think I drank the full 12 oz can of either, but it is still more than I have been drinking.  Water is definitely key this week.  My body was feeling dehydrated.  

Things I'm proud of, I walked a lot more than I have been.  I actually was doing some 10 minute walking videos or setting the timer on my FitBit so that I would move for 10 minutes straight.  What are you proud of this week? 


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