Meal Planning Monday, September 2nd

Happy Monday friends!  For my friends in the U.S., Happy Labor Day!  So, on my day off, I'm not really making an effort to "rest", but to use this opportunity to meal prep!  Here's the funny thing, I knew this challenge was coming and I had ideas, but I did not plan beforehand.  I'll be honest, my first day (yesterday), was not great because I felt so out of sorts and it was stressing me out!  So, Sunday, after church, we got ran to the library and I headed off to Marshall's, HomeGoods, Sprouts and Kroger.  I think I went a smidge crazy at Marshall's and HomeGoods, but I got some new placemats and some napkins.  I also went a little crazy with the food finds.  I am excited because AGAIN at HomeGoods, I found some extremely low carb lasagna noodles, which is a little funny because I was just asking what I could use besides zucchini on my FB page.  

I actually came home last night, browned a pound of bison, a pound of sausage for my breakfast casserole, cut bell pepper, wilted some spinach, made my breakfast casserole and cooked up some chicken thighs.

On the agenda today, making some meatloaf muffins and sheetpan chicken fajitas for lunches this week.

Dinners are a bit up in the air, to be honest, but here's my general plan:

Burritos on low carb tortillas.
Green Bean Fettuccine and Alfredo
Fish and veggies
One night, is an unknown.  I have a spaghetti squash I need to use so I may get creative there.  Or it may be a veggie night. 

I'm feeling like I'm going into the week prepared, which is a good feeling.  I will need to focus on what we're going to have next week.  I feel like this is definitely going to help.  Hope everyone has a great day! 


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