Friday Focus, September 6th

Happy Friday friends!  We've almost made it through another week!  Wow!  For a short week, this has been a crazy week!  Feeling good about taking time to prepare some meals and components were super helpful this week!  Now to figure out what to fix for next week.  I'm thinking a bacon breakfast casserole for next week.  

This week I had a nuclear stress test scheduled for this week.  Initially, I was okay and then, as the time for my test got closer, the anxiety and stress started getting to me.  By the time that I checked in and was heading to the waiting room, I broke down and started tearing up.  I made it through the test and (Thank you, Jesus!) my tests came back normal.  

This is my first week trying to double tracking my Freestyle SmartPoints and my net carbs.  Not everyday has been a win, but like I said to my husband, I am certain that it's better than what it might be if I were not tracking them.

Focus for next week:

1. Water intake of at least 90 oz. per day.
2. Track, track, track!  
3. Cardio, at least 3 days per week, and strength training, even if it's body weight, at least 2 days per week.
4. Take care of myself.  By this, I mean, I will take time to sit in a sauna, take an Epsom salt bath, get a massage, and things like this. 

5. Focus on the lower carb option.  A YouTuber I follow is doing a plan where she's sticking with her points allowance, but also only 33 carbs. 

The water, I think, is what helped me manage to lose last week!  I do still have some things left from this week that I meal prepped so I will try to get creative so that I can use them for lunches or dinners in the coming week.  What are your goals for the coming week?


  1. Your right! It was a short week but crazy! I think I am more exhausted and it was shorter! Go figure!

    Love your goals for next week!!!


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