What's Cookin' Wednesday, August 28th

Happy hump day!  You know that moment when your dinner preparations go EXACTLY as planned?  That did not happen with this recipe.  In all seriousness, I started out with a pretty basic Ravioli Lasagna Bake recipe and then I realized that I needed to add some more protein in it since I have one that doesn't want to eat meat and I just happen to have some Ricotta cheese.  Then I found the Million Dollar Ravioli Lasagna recipe.  Ultimately, I did a variation of these recipes.  

Unfortunately, I ran out of Mozzarella cheese and had to wait on my husband to get home from Trader Joe's with more mozzarella.  I thought we had some stashed in the freezer, but we did not.

I used the Zero Point Marinara recipe, Kirkland Parm and some Mozzarella along with the ricotta and some organic ricotta and spinach ravioli.  I followed the cooking directions from the Ravioli Bake.  Overall, it turned out pretty well.  Well enough that my family, all but me, went for seconds.  I think this is definitely one to add to the rotation from time to time along with the Lazy Man Lasagna.  Hope you try it and enjoy if you do! 


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