Thursday Thoughts, August 1st

Happy Thursday a/k/a Friday eve friends!  I apologize for not posting much this week.  I had planned to make time to post, but I haven’t been feeling 100% this week.  The CPAP machine seems to be keeping me up nights.  I’m sure at some point I’ll adjust, but at this point, it just makes me tired.  I received an email from my provider/maker of my machine that said 81% of people who use a CPAP for more than 7 hours a night have less daytime sleepiness after 3 months.  I’ve just got to make it to that point. 

The next few weeks are going to be a little harder for me to meal plan, but I’m going to try for sure to stay on plan.  It’ll be a challenge, but hopefully one I’m up for!    


  1. Boo to the rough adjustment with the machine...hopefully it rights itself soon...and sooner than the three months!

    Stay strong...the upcoming weeks may be challenging but you will feel so empowered if you stay strong and on the right path!!!


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