Pep Talk Tuesday, August 27th

Happy Tuesday friends!  If you read my blog yesterday, not that there was much to it, but quite honestly, I was exhausted when I was trying to type it.  It was the first day I'd really been up and out of the house for any length of time.  I came home from work early on Wednesday and didn't leave again until Friday morning to go to the doctor.  She put me on medications, one of which she said can cause some people to get drowsy.  Apparently I am "some people" because it knocked me out!  So we're going to talk a little about recovery...after illness or after surgery...for me, I know I often have the desire to start moving immediately again.  I know that if I do that, I'll wind up doing myself more harm than good.  

Something I've learned is that I need to listen to my body.  The beginning of this week, I'll probably focus on taking it a little slower and easier than I normally would simply because I do not want to get hit with this again.  I had some vertigo along with the nausea and it made things a little more difficult.  After surgeries, follow the doctor's advise.  After surgery is definitely time to listen to your body and follow the doctor's instructions.  That can be hard to do but is so important!  Looking back, if I'd had something I could have worked out on without hurting myself after my hysterectomy, I'd have been using it!  Definitely listen to your body after illness or surgery.  You may need to take time to focus on stretching, yoga or even Tai Chi rather than cardio or strength training.

Take it easy and don't rush into eating spicy foods, especially after a stomach bug.  It's often best to stick with some blander foods so that you don't have a recurrence. Foods are so important after surgery too because you want to give your body what it needs to heal properly.  

How do you handle recovery?  Have you had a surgery recently? Been sick?  It is so important to take care of ourselves!  After all, we are the only one we are going to get, right?  Have a terrific Tuesday! 


  1. I’m usually a baby after being sick and give my body more rest than necessary just because I don’t want a setback!!!


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