Pep Talk Tuesday, August 20th

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Hope your week started out well.  I spent last night making some headway on my meal prep.  As I was reminded by my friend Anita at  Chit Chat Paddiwack of the quote: Failing to plan is planning to fail.  I just love her because she's honest and down to earth!  While still at work, I determined that I was going to make some progress with my meal prepping so I could be prepared for the week.  There are weeks, as you could tell from yesterday's blog post, that I feel a little like I'm flailing.  Having a few things prepared so that I can easily throw something together, is going to help so much.  Anita also suggests keeping things simple so that it works for you.  For me, having something prepared or veggies cut, will make me more inclined to use it.  I don't do as much as some folks, but I try to do what works for me.  I don't often prepare meals for the entire week but as I'm watching more folks meal prepping hearty lunches, I'm really considering doing the same.  I just need to get those creative juices flowing and things will come together.  

How do you work your weeks to make them work best for you?  Do you have the same meals day after day?  I am not one to do that, but I am thinking I can alternate them with something else.  I generally only meal prep lunches for 4 days anyway.  It was suggested in one of my WW meetings awhile back to choose one meal to plan.  For instance, dinners.  I often will try to plan dinners and I wing lunches and in the past, breakfasts, even when I had a vague plan.  

Do you pre-track?  I have had good experience doing that as well and find that it keeps me on track when I do.  

Let me know below how you handle planning for the week to set yourself up for success!  


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