Meal Planning Monday, August 19th

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was busy but it was good.  We did some painting at church to try to make a space for our little bitty folks and "trading spaces" for our youth and young adults classes.  It made the weekend pass quickly, but aside from that, we enjoyed some family time too.  We celebrated our anniversary belatedly with my in-laws who were in town before heading north again.  It is such a blessing to have some family time.  Then I find out a cousin passed away from the Dobbs side of my family, so there was a family night to add to the mix as well.  Our little Allen Life Chapel was pretty packed yesterday as well.  

At weigh in on Saturday morning, I was down 0.6.  Not what I was hoping but my eating was not 100% on Friday.  After dinner with my in-laws, etc., I have decided I will not follow the WENDIE Plan for this week, but will act like I've used up my weeklies and just focus on using my daily points allowance this week.

Honestly, this week's meals are not 100%.  I've still got lots rolling around in my head.  We had a veggie night last week and, quite honestly may have on again this week.  I only fixed fish one night last week, so I will try again.  Otherwise, I'm going to try for the fettuccine again and probably a salad.  I didn't realize how much I'd been craving one.  

Last week, it wound up being frozen pizza on Monday.  Tuesday was Fish. Wednesday was Taco Bell.  Thursday was the veggie dinner.  Friday was 4 mini rice krispies with chocolate. Saturday was Italian food. Sunday was chicken fried steak, which I couldn't finish. Hope everyone has a great day and a fantastic week!


  1. You were still down on the scales! That’s a victory!!!

  2. Completely agree with MaryFran! I loss is a loss no matter how you ate. :)


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