Friday Focus, August 16th

Happy Friday friends!  Hope you have had a great week.  I have to say not everyday this week was a win Points-wise, but I tried to adjust and my body was definitely guessing.  I was trying to eat every 3 to 4 hours...that's wasn't a win everyday either.  Most days I managed to eat within that window except dinner.  Dinners are going to take some more work next week, but I feel like I'm making some progress.  We will see what the scale says on Saturday.  I have been trying to add some strength training into my days.  Some desk push-ups and some squats when I'm just standing around or filling my water bottle.  I took some time while we were slow to walk at my desk yesterday.  I'm trying to be intentional.  For the coming week, my focus will be to continue being intentional and fitting in workouts where I can.

I will also continue to do the following:

1. 90-120 oz of water each day. I have not done well while on vacation.
2. TRACK, Track, track everything.
3. Stay within my designated Points allowance for the day under the WENDIE plan.
4. MOVE, Move, move.

I do think, no matter what the scale says, that I will do the WENDIE plan for another week and try to continue to "eat" every 3 to 4 hours.  Honestly, my "snack" has been either a protein shake made with the vanilla Orgain protein (which is made with Stevia and is vegan) and oatmilk (thank you Free Download Friday at Kroger) with a little sugar free syrup (either the salted caramel or the Madagascar Vanilla that I found at HomeGoods) as my base over ice or with coffee to make sort of a latte.  It is good and it's helping to keep me full.  I am hoping to experiment a little bit with the syrups soon, but so far, it's helping me get this protein powder down.  Here's hoping for a successful week for all of us next week!


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