What's Cookin Wednesday, July 10th

Happy Wednesday a/k/a Hump Day!  We're halfway through the week.  I don't recall if I shared it or not, but on Father's Day, I opted to make a cake that popped up in my Instagram feed that seems to be a WW favorite.  It is a 2-ingredient cake using an Angel Food Cake as the base.  The one I made for Father's Day I used a can of crushed pineapple.  I really enjoyed it but it was a bit sticky.  After some searching on Pinterest, I saw multiple pins for more 2-ingredient cakes using pie filling as the second ingredient.  So, at the request of my son, I made the 2-ingredient cake using strawberry pie filling.  It got puffier than I anticipated and, if I'm honest, I didn't read the recipe that I found on Pinterest very well.  I did not realize that it made more than a dozen.  

Ultimately, I wound up making 2 donut pans and a dozen cupcakes in the muffin pan.  The recipe I originally looked at said it would serve 21, but mine made 24 between the muffin tin and the donut pans.  My family enjoyed them with a little Reddi-Whip.  

I think next I will try them with cherry pie filling and I will use my muffin tin and mini muffin tin.  I think it will make a tasty dessert.  Sometimes you need a little something sweet.


  1. The cherry pie filling is the way I always make it!!! So delish!

    1. Oh good to know! I love cherry pies so I'm hoping it'll help curb that craving!


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