Tuesday Talk, July 2nd

Happy Tuesday friends!  Today we're going to take a minute to discuss something that, if you have been on this journey for any length of time, you have probably experienced and that is dealing with setbacks.  This really sort of goes along with last week's topic about the all or nothing mentality.  There are times that we feel we have set ourselves up for success, but then we give in to a few more chips or we have a dessert or we have something that is a little higher in sodium and wind up with a gain.  Or sometimes you do everything right, but your body just doesn't want to give up the weight at that weigh in.  What we need to do, however, is not throw our hands up and say well this is a bust and I'm never going to make progress. It can be easy to beat ourselves up and not focus on what we need to do to move forward.  We each need a game plan, no matter what our journey is, to move forward. 

No matter what happened that got in the way of our goal, "recalculating route" is necessary.  For me, I know that tracking will help me look back and know what I did right or where I might have gone wrong or if that meal had too much sodium.  One of my goals this year has been to take time to do things that I enjoy like read or quilt or embroidery projects that I have purchased.  I have found several times that I don't make the time for it.  There are so many times that I get sidetracked by all of the things that I need to do for my family.  I just can't let myself get overwhelmed because I know that everyone still has the same 24 hours in the day.

When things happen that keep you from hitting your goals, you need a plan to get back to your goal.  How do you do that?  Depending on your goal, you have to look at where you got sidetracked.  For me, if I am focusing on the weight gain, I have to figure out where things changed.  Did I eat something high in sodium?  Did I track it properly or at all?  Did I not plan ahead?  When I find that I didn't do what I needed to hit my weight loss goal, I have to recommit to myself because I am important.  Reaching my "take time" goals, it may be as simple as I set an alarm on my phone or my Fitbit and say at this time, I'm doing "X".  This helps will help me hit my goals.

Sometimes it comes down to your mindset.  As I said above, we all have the same 24 hours, but some people are just great inspirations because they get so much accomplished in those 24 hours.  Don't get caught up in the comparison game though because we aren't all in exactly the same place in our journey, no matter what our journey is.  Also, reach out to people, sometimes social media groups that share the same interest/goal as you.  It helps so much for me because you find so much support and can often find someone going through the same thing as you as the same time or have gone through it recently.  I know this is a bit long, but I think it's definitely worth talking about.  I felt like I really needed this right now.  Thanks for listening! ;-)


  1. You are right...we all have them. I try to remind myself that each setback is a learning opportunity....and if I take that as such, it is a step forward because I’ll be better ready to handle that situation when it happens again in the future!


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