Tuesday Talk, July 23rd

Happy Tuesday!  Today's Tuesday talk is a topic that I know I have struggled with for many years and it is such a great reminder for me - Body Confidence.  Yep, I said it.  I have absolutely struggled and can remember calling myself fat for years.  Here's the thing, when I was calling myself "fat", I was smaller than I am currently.  It wasn't until I originally started WW before my DH and I even started dating that I really realized that I needed to change the way I talked to myself.  I am blessed to have some fantastic people in my life who remind me that I am unique and I need to be thankful for the "me" that God created.  I try hard to focus on the more positive self talk.  There are some parts of my body that I'm not entirely happy with, but I am focusing on things that I can do.  I wish my arms were in better shape...as I was moving my arms last night and noticed that my arms were waving back, I was not entirely happy about that.  Here's the thing though, my hands and arms do so many things on the daily. I type daily.  They hold me up when I try to do push ups, which I should probably do more of, they help me when I'm chopping veggies or cooking.  My thighs may have some cellulite, but they help me walk and move.  My ankles, specifically my left one, may still swell from time to time after surgery almost 5 years ago, but it reminds me that I need to focus on strengthening it.  Calf raises anyone?  Even though my joints may cause me pain, they work and they function, sometimes they just need to warm up a bit.  I never realized what my grandparents meant by that as a kid, but I'm sure understanding it the older I get.  While we may complain about a body part or the way it functions, truly we need to be grateful because there are so many amputees or those with various illnesses that are disabled/differently-abled that wish they were able to do some of the things that we can.  

WW suggests to do this:

Retrain your brain.
1. Visualize the part of your body you are focusing on.
2. Think about how you use this part of your body.
3. To the best of your ability, create an affirmation about how that part of your body helps you.

I know it takes time to reframe our thoughts, but it is so worth it!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!  


  1. I love this post!!!! We get so caught up in the negatives about our body that we fail to see what a truly amazing thing it really is...and all it does for us!!!!


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