Thursday Thoughts, July 4th

Happy Independence Day friends!  I hope you are getting to enjoy some family time today.  We're going to have a family cookout.  I doubt that we go to watch fireworks as a family, but I'm just glad we'll have some time together.  Fun memory from before Mom passed is spending the 4th in her front yard under the pecan trees watching the Denison fireworks display.  I can remember one from shortly before my husband and I got married.  So many fond memories of that house and time with Mom and my family.  I think that the allure of going to Mom's is that we could see most of the fireworks because she was only blocks away from the location of the display and we didn't have to deal with the crowds.  We often had friends and family that would come over and share a seat in the yard.  I am simply not a fan of crowds anymore.  I will suffer through when I have to, but I do not like it.
What traditions to you have?   


  1. I used to love right on the edge of the Antietam battlefield where they have a HUGE Fourth of July event. I would always host a party ...if someone wanted to go over to the event to experience it all, they were close and didn’t have to deal with parking...but most just stayed and watched the fireworks from our yard...the fireworks ended and they were in their cars mere seconds after the fireworks ended and avoided the crush of the 50k people that had flocked to this town that had 800 residents!

    So glad you have those memories of your mom!!

    1. It was a difficult decision to sell the house, but I had to do it. It sounds like you had fun as well! Happy 4th!


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