Simple Sunday, July 14th

Happy Sunday morning friends!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday!  I woke up super early on Saturday morning, but decided to take advantage of it.  I went to weigh-in and then my sweet husband and I enjoyed breakfast together.  I am down a pound this week.  While it might not be as much as I might have wanted, but I'm preparing for success this week.  I decided that while Sprouts had organic cherries on sale, I'd go early to make sure I got some.  I also got lucky and found some organic Brussels sprouts for roasting.  I also got some romaine lettuce for salads for this week.  I also made a Trader Joe's run and purchased some lite cheese blends along with some spinach and Cole slaw blend.  

I feel positive going into the new week.  I have to say that I really love when the creative juices start flowing.  I draw ideas from different places.  I feel like we're going to all have a good week because I've got a plan in place.  Lunch ideas and dinner ideas that I'll share tomorrow in my Meal Prep Monday.  

 I get a Bible study in my email daily from More to Life Bible Study.  The one a couple of months ago talked about Blank Canvas.  I am not much of a painter, but I can definitely see the "call" of a blank canvas for a painter.  Sometimes we have to remember that each trial or tribulation that we go through is molding and shaping us into who we will ultimately become.  I'm not overly creative in the traditional sense, I dabble in many things and there are many things that I wish I was better at, but the only way to improve is to work a little harder in the areas that I want to improve.  I know that I have improved in my cooking and baking.  One day I hope to be as fearless as my grandmothers were in different areas of life.  Life goals, right?  Have a blessed Sunday! 


  1. Yay! It sounds like you are set for a week of success!!!!

    Woohoo on the one pound! That is a nice respectable loss!!!


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