Meal Planning Monday, July 29th

Happy Monday friends!  So many things we didn't use last week and need to make this week, but a lot of it I can prepare meat on the side and put it into only part.  We had a "family meeting" to discuss with my daughter the fact that I need to be able to cook some meat.  As she has made this decision to go meatless, I just really wanted to discuss with her before just fixing meat.  I told my husband that I will likely make it and freeze it in smaller amounts so we could pull it out if we want to use it for something.  Our plan for meals this week will look a little like this:

-        Smothered bean burritos
-        Roasted veggie bowl with quinoa
-        Spaghetti and zero point marinara and salad
-        Taco Salad
-        Macaroni and cheese and veggies
-        Leftover Night/Fend for yourself night

Last week we had:
-        Cauliflower fried rice with chicken;
-        Burgers and fries/tater tots
-        Chicken fajitas with refried beans
-        Frozen Pizza
-        Taco Cabana

It wasn't quite the week I had planned but overall not a horrible one.  Although I did eat far too many carbs over the weekend.  Saturday, we had breakfast and the remainder of the day was snacking.  It happens sometimes when you are driving.  Time to get back on track and end this month on a positive note!  I did not weigh in on Saturday morning because we were picking up our DD from tennis camp.  She said she had fun, but my back was not feeling so fun after being in the car so long. 

The CPAP is getting a little easier to deal with now that the new mask has come in.  I'm ready to get into a routine of sorts though where I don't feel like my nights are so restless.  I'll get there, I know, it's just going to take time.  How is your meal planning going?   


  1. My meal planing is going horribly. LOL I am basically winging it but it is working (for now) so that is all that matters.


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