Focus Friday, July 5th

Happy Friday, friends!  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  We had a great one.  I still got in a workout and enjoyed some family time.  The July challenge that I joined with Jess over at Journey to Healthy on YouTube has helped a ton with my level of motivation.  Focusing on that blue dot is even more important this month than it was originally.  I don't want to say it's the end all, be all, but I'm also focusing on getting in more fruits and veggies this month so that's going to help me as well.  I am proud of the fact that while everything didn't go exactly as planned, we rallied and ate some good food and I stayed within my blue dot range.  That's 4 days in a row and includes a holiday!  

Because it was a holiday, my sweet husband and I waited until the evening before heading for a walk so we could "sleep late", which isn't really late for a lot of people, but we slept until around 6:30 or so and since he wanted to paint, we held off on our walk until the evening.  It was a nice walk around the neighborhood.  I feel good about my day and how it went.  How did your holiday go?  Do you often struggle?  I know I do.  I saw another youtuber talking about a challenge for "no weak ends" and I feel like I need to take that one to heart as well.  It's always a struggle for me, so I am working harder on them.  Have a fantastic Friday!  


  1. Good job for navigating the holiday with a win!!! Challenges help me too!

    I also had a successful holiday. We started it on our mountain bikes...and hour of riding in the heat...600 calories burned to start the day! Then a stroll around our towns fourth festival...lists of steps in that two hour walk! And I kept my food in check (but did splurge on a brownie). So I call that a win also!!


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