Meal Planning Monday, June 24th

Happy Monday friends!   I intended to get this done much earlier in the day, but somehow it didn't happen.  Ideas for dinners this week are as follows:

1. Quinoa veggie bowls;
2. "Veggie" plate with crescent rolls;
3. Make your own salad "bar"; 
4. Ravioli with marinara, garlic bread and salad;
5. Bean and cheese tostadas;
6. Breakfast for dinner.

Some of these definitely look like repeats from recent weeks, but things haven't gone quite as planned the last few weeks.  Glad to have goals this week though and feeling a little more on plan this way.

I had a 0.8 pound loss this past Saturday after the gain I had two weeks ago, I appreciated it, but the loss doesn't put me where I was not that long ago.  Just taking things one step at a time.  


  1. A loss is always good! I am hoping for one this week, after weeks (okay, months) of doing nothing but gain.


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