Let's Talk Tuesday, June 18th

Happy Tuesday friends!  Hope everyone had a great Father's day and is doing well.  We decided on a Make Your Own Nacho bar and pineapple cake for my sweet husband.  It was a good day overall.  While my meals are not 100% planned, I do have a general plan in my mind.  I was trying to think of a meal to go with rolls.  After the damage done by the storms a week ago this past Sunday and many people in our neighborhood were without power, a neighbor turned a negative into a positive by sharing her baked goods with the neighborhood.  I was able to try some of her baked goods and will definitely be making my way to a retailer to purchase some of her baked good.  They were delicious.  Last night's meal may not have been 100% on plan but it was delicious.  I fixed a salad mix, shells and cheese and we put some frozen "fried" okra in the air fryer.  It made for a tasty dinner.  

This has been a difficult few weeks with my back issues but I finally feel like I'm making a little bit of progress.  I managed to get 250 steps each hour yesterday and managed to hit more than 5,000 steps which is better than I've done in the past few weeks.  I'm trying to focus on the small steps and I know that all helps the big picture and getting to my goal.  


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