Happy June 1st

Happy June 1st friends!  Hope everyone is doing well with their goals.  Honestly, May was not so great for me, but I'm moving past it.  Positive things that happened last month:

- I saw pictures that made me realize how noticeable my weight loss was
- I tried Kodiak pancake/waffle mix and even tried a few recipes with it
- I tried Built Bars
- Found and tried some new meatless meals

Having grown up in a "meat and potato" household, it's hard for me to think about giving up meat forever.  Maybe some day I won't feel that way, but I am still struggling a bit at the moment.   know it's a process for sure.  My goals for this month besides taking care of myself.  I know that should be a priority but it isn't always.  I have a rib that seems to keep popping out and it's quite annoying.  Thankfully the chiropractor has been able to pop it back in, it just doesn't always stay in place. I want to try some more meatless recipes.  One of my big goals this month is to track everything.  I've been struggling with that again.  Not taking time to enter recipes in the tracker has been a downfall for me.  It is summer, which means there are a lot more fruits and vegetables available that I enjoy.  I was watching a Vlog this morning and was reminded of how much I used to enjoy the "cheeseburger salads" that I would fix several years ago.  I purchased some meatless crumbles that I am planning to try.  I've seen people talking about the Wendie Plan again, even those on Freestyle I may give it a try.  I think it might help me if I'm focusing on a different number each day and not just "23".  I know a lot of people have gone back to PointsPlus, but Freestyle seems to be working for me, so I don't want to fix what ain't broke.  Any suggestions for things I can do while I'm dealing with my back issues would be appreciated. 


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