Wednesday, May 1st

Happy hump day friends!  Today I thought I'd talk a little bit about myself and my goals for the month of May and for this year.  I choose my word for the year and the word I chose was "transform".  While I suspect that we all know what transform means, I thought I'd share the definition that I looked up.  According to, transform means the following:  

As a transitive verb

1a : to change in composition or structure
b : to change the outward form or appearance of
c : to change in character or condition : CONVERT
2 : to subject to mathematical transformation
3 : to cause (a cell) to undergo genetic transformation

Why did I choose this word?  Aside from the Bible verse that struck such a chord with me, it is also because transform can cover multiple areas in my life from my weight loss journey to my budgeting skills to my relationship with Christ.  There are multiple areas that I want to improve this year.  Have I made some improvement?  Yes I have, but not as much as I would like.  I feel a bit like I'm doing a two step with two steps forward and one back, but I'm not giving up and am determined to get there.  For May, I will continue to meal plan and include more of those meatless meals into the rotation.  Tracking is definitely key for me.  Improvement in my workout routines is definitely planned for this month as well.  Things that may deter my progress this month, birthday celebrations for my younger children, Mother's Day celebrations, Memorial Day but no excuses.  If I want to hit my weight loss goals this year, I've got some work ahead of me.  I am hoping that my allergies will calm down a bit and I can get back to walking outside again.  How are you doing on your goals for the year?  


  1. One of my goals for May is to get consistent with tracking. It's so crucial!

  2. When I read your question about how I was doing with goals I thought "What goals??" But then I realized that I HAVE been doing well. I just never identified my plan as goals. I guess because I am not even close to reaching a "goal" I am however doing well on the paths I am choosing to walk. (Weight loss, debt loss, clutter loss LOL)


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