Simple Sunday, May 5th

Happy Sunday friends!  I hope you had a fantastic end of the week and are looking forward to a great week!  My Thursday and 
Friday were busy but very enjoyable!  While it's been a rough couple of weeks food-wise, with me taking antibiotics that were causing stomach issues and me not being able to eat much, if at all and Canada Dry Ginger Ale was my temporary BFF, I expected and received a gain on the scale.  I showed a gain of 2.4 pounds this week.  This week, hopefully, I will be feeling better and I can actually eat like a normal person.  

I enjoyed my time at the North Texas District Ladies, Joy Conference 2019 on Thursday evening and Friday.  It is always such a great time to fellowship and see old friends.  As I was looking at the pictures from Thursday night's service, I saw this one of me in purple.  

After seeing it, I remember that there was one taken of me the Thursday night at the Joy Conference 2018: 
What a difference a year makes! My beautiful sisters and friends from church often comment on my loss, but until I saw this difference between these two pictures.  I know it is often more difficult for us to see our own losses.  This definitely helped me to see that I have been successful even if the scale doesn't always show it.  Honestly, the way my clothes fit makes such a difference for me.  While I know that not everyone that reads my blog shares my religious beliefs, I would appreciate no negative comments be made about my beliefs.  The world would be very boring if we were all exactly the same. 

Seeing these truly makes me see that my efforts, even when they are not going as well as I'd like to see on the scale, are all adding up!  I am making progress!  It feels good to see that and to say that!


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