Friday Focus, April 5th

Happy Friday friends!  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by life and my decisions of late.  Last night, I made a decision to put myself and my family first.  My health is important to me so I have decided to put it back on the front burner.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, I will get back into getting my workouts in, I will track my food, I will plan my meals.  Don't you do that anyway?  Well, I was, but then other things started stealing my attention.  I am feeling in a decent place and am hoping that I can get a meal plan in place for the next two weeks by Monday.  This weekend will be a little tougher as we are going out of town and there will be wedding cake involved.  Just a few weeks ago, I was so close to hitting 30 pounds lost again.  When I weighed in last Saturday, I found I was going the wrong direction again.  I almost feel like my body and I are at opposite ends of this battle.  I am proud to say that this week I am making progress breaking the sugar habit.  I have been intentional about trying to workout and these are definitely positive steps.  

Goals for the coming week:

Meal Plan.
I will try to get some meal prepping done, but with the wedding festivities, I may not have much time. 
Workout.  Move, even a little bit!


  1. I drifted in the wrong direction lately too and need to make this a priority again too.


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