Thursday Thoughts, March 7th

Happy Thursday a/k/a Friday eve friends! I hope everyone has had a good week!  Overall, so far, it's been a pretty good week.  I had unexpected downtime on Tuesday night so DH and I headed to the movies, which hasn't happened in ages.  It was nice to have a night time date since we normally do breakfast dates on Saturday mornings.  I love having that time with him, but we did not do that this past Saturday.  I am feeling much better than I did last week and my 5 perfect days seem to be going pretty well.  If I can continue to string them together, I'll feel pretty good about my birthday month.  I have been thinking about some things recently that I thought I would share.  I have been doing WW for more years than I'd care to remember.  When I started WW, I was very dedicated and I ate all the fat free or low fat stuff and all the sugar substitutes and the like.  My primary focus was how many Points is this or that?  Looking up the points value for what I had been eating was truly scary.  I had no idea that I was doing so much damage to my body.  I was doing really well and had a great support team in my WW friends.  I managed to get down into the 160's or possibly the upper 150's prior to meeting my husband.  I hovered there when we were dating.  I knew I had to put the work in, but I wasn't really living.  Honestly, I think I'm at the lowest weight I've been in since my husband and I got married.  This is a big deal for me.  My husband and I have talked about this, I have some serious fears of failing, of being abandoned, of change.  Marriage requires changes some times as does weight loss.  Quite honestly, I feel much better in this head space right now and about my chances of  hitting my goals that I've set for myself.  Do I follow the plan religiously?  No, I really don't.  I have off days and sometimes, off months.  Some days I can only take it one step at a time.  Our journeys may seem cut and dried in our minds, but, I don't know about you, but my "best laid plans" don't always work the way I'd planned.  Here's one big difference about then vs. now: I am more comfortable this time around.  I am focusing on eating better, which truly makes me feel better and makes me want to do better and take care of myself.  But life sometimes gets in the way and we have to change our focus.  Right now, I feel pretty positive of where I am and that I will hit my ultimate weight goal.  I hope everyone has a good day!  


  1. A date night sounds nice. It's funny that people who live together end up having little actual couple time! I'm glad you feel more confident about reaching your goal and about yourself. I have been obsessed with a certain number in the past, not my health, and it made a huge difference. This time around, I want to be strong and healthy, and it feels much more meaningful to me.


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