Meal Planning Monday, March 11th

Happy Monday friends!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  I took some time to enjoy some things I don't do often.  I must admit that we sat down and had Mexican food at my favorite restaurant in my hometown area.  It is my all time favorite and I haven't found anything like that in my area.  I also started an audiobook by Lysa TerKeurst called Made to Crave.  I quickly figured out that I needed the book, so I found it available in ebook from the library.  They also have a hard copy and I may have to make a run to go check that out, but I'll try this ebook first.  I have to admit so far, this had really spoke to me about my mindset and food.  Last week, we did LOP for lunches and at least one night because we really had a lot of leftovers with the soups.

So, we had: 
Sunday: Beans and Mom's special cornbread
Monday: 7 can soup variation
Tuesday:  Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Parmesan Soup
Wednesday: White Chicken Chili
Thursday:  Leftover Patrol, beans and cornbread
Friday:  Pei Wei
Saturday:  Mexican food out.

For the coming week, I'm struggling a little bit, but I've got some ideas floating around: 
Sunday: we didn't eat dinner, really, we snacked after a big lunch.
Monday: Pulled Pork with sides.
Tuesday: Cheeseburger and Tot Casserole
Wednesday: Fettuccine Alfredo and garlic bread.
Thursday: Chicken Tikka Masala
Friday: Mexican casserole
Saturday: no ideas right now.

I made it to weigh in this week.  I was 0.2 lbs down, which basically means that February, as a whole, was a wash.  I am back where I was at the end of January.  I feel prepared for the week.  I have cut up celery and strawberries.  I think I am going with smoothies this week for breakfast, but that is subject to change with this chillier weather that we are getting this week.  At least it's not as cold as last week.  Hope everyone has a great week!   


  1. I did a lot of food prepping yesterday. It takes time to do it, but it sure pays off during the week, when my lunches are already boxed u, fruit is already sliced up, etc. It's like planning for a successful week.


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