Friday Focus, March 1st

Happy, Happy Friday!  February did not go quite as well as I'd planned.  Meal planning was better for the most part, but trying the "no spend month" was a bust.  However, a new month is upon us.  My birthday month.  Now is a real test for me to figure out how to continue moving forward with my weight loss and live life, which includes celebrations!  My goals for the year remain.  Figuring out to how to hit my ultimate goal weight and live my life is definitely a balancing act.  It is so important for me to prepare and plan ahead.  Some days it's just easier for me to focus on making sure hamburger meat is browned or that I have cooked chicken available.  I have been watching some videos and researching time blocking.  I think it will be very important right now so I can stay on top of everything.  My planner has become my ever constant companion and is even more important to my sanity at the moment.  My goal for the weekend is to take a few hours and get some meal preparation done to prepare me for next week.  I'll post what I get done, along with my planned dinners for the coming week on Monday.  Being out of sorts this week and having a bad food week really made me re-evaluate what I need to do to hit my weight loss goal this year.  

For March, my Big Three monthly goals are:

1. To Budget;
2. Meal Plan and Meal Prep; and 
3. Continue trying to find my Joy.

The third has still been a bit more elusive than I would like.  I am determined to keep trying to work on it..  

For my first full week in March, I'm still focusing on the basics:

- Tracking my food;
- Hitting my step goal during the week;
- Get a 5 to 10 minute workout in;
- Remember that it is "Progress over Perfection".  Everything may not go perfectly or smoothly, but if I make progress, those little things will all add up.


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