What's Cookin' Wednesday, February 13th

Happy, happy hump day friends!  We've made it to the halfway point of the week!  On Saturday, I was reminded of a quick and tasty sheet pan meal that I had not made in quite some time.  What meal?  Chicken Fajitas!  Absolutely tasty and very easy to make!

I had some chicken that I needed to use up.  I had planned on making 2 batches.  One to freeze for another meal and one to eat on Sunday.  I decided that since I didn't have any chicken thawed for our lunches this week that I would just make all of the chicken breasts I had left in the fridge from Costco.  I had used a package for Chicken Tikka Masala but had two more to use.  My sweet husband sliced onions for me and then diced some for our Meatloaf on Sunday.  I sliced up some bell pepper (green, red, yellow and orange) and then diced the rest for our meatloaf and a breakfast casserole.  Here's my basic recipe below:

I used 5 chicken breasts, which I sliced into strips.   We used about half of a onion, sliced.  I cut up about a cup of bell pepper strips.  I seasoned it with Trader Joe's Chili Lime Seasoning.  I put all of this on a lined cookie sheet and put it in a 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes.  I did stir things around about half way through to make sure that everything got done.  It was served with some mini tortillas and some refried beans.  The leftovers were quite tasty as well!  I had it with a pita and some refried beans.  I hope if you try it, you enjoy it!  


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