Friday Focus, February 1st

Happy, Happy Friday!  After a very busy week, I am thankful for this day.  I was reminded earlier this week that I really need to stop jumping head first into things before thinking about all that it entails.  This week, I've felt very distant from my family and I feel like my food has been all over the place.  It is, however, a new month.  I refuse to give up my goals for the year.  What I have realized after last week is that it is very important for me to prepare and plan ahead.  I have been watching some videos and researching time blocking.  I think it will be very important right now so I can stay on top of everything.  My planner has become my ever constant companion and is even more important to my sanity at the moment.  My goal for the weekend is to take a few hours and get some meal preparation done to prepare me for next week.  I'll post what I get done, along with my planned dinners for the coming week on Monday.  Being out of sorts this week and having a bad food week really made me re-evaluate what I need to do to hit my weight loss goal this year.  

For February, my Big Three monthly goals are:

1. To Budget;
2. Meal Plan and Meal Prep; and 
3. Find my Joy.

That last one may seem a bit odd, but honestly, I remember finding joy in the little things. Spending time with a good book, trying a new recipe or getting creative in the kitchen, baking something new or something like that, taking time to embroider or sewing.  I know not everyone enjoys all of these things, but I do.  It is important for me to have some down time and focus on something else for a bit.  

For my first full week in February, I'm still focusing on the basics:

- Tracking my food;
- Hitting my step goal during the week;
- Get a 5 to 10 minute workout in;
- Remember that it is "Progress over Perfection".  I may not do everything perfectly, but if I make progress, it will all add up.


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