Friday Focus, February 15th

Happy, happy Friday!  It was yet another stressful week.  I feel like I did better this week, but there were definitely days that I was not in the Blue Dot zone.  Some days it was a little over other days it was a lot over.  I was reminded that, again, it's about choices.  I need to decide what choices I'm willing to make for myself each day.  I am still not working out much other than walking as my rib seems to not be able to stay in place and is still causing me pain.  My process is slow, but it's definitely time for me to focus on food again and staying in those Blue Dot zones.  I have a little extra time on Monday since our office is closed for President's Day.  My plan is to take the extra time to prepare some meals, brown some ground beef and set myself up for easier dinners.  

Focus for the coming week:

2. Walk when I can and incorporate some yoga; and 
3. Set myself up for success by meal planning.


  1. I have drifted away from tracking my food too. I track part of a day, then quit. I do so much better when I track everything, so that is my goal this week!


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