Tuesday Talk, January 29th

Happy Tuesday friends!  Hope your week has started out well.  The topic for this week, much like the WW topic is Tracking.  Let's be honest, tracking can be a bit of a pain to do until you get in the swing of things.  In the past, I have tried the plans that don't require tracking, the former "Simply Filling" method, but I truly struggled with it.  I know, for my good and for my peace of mind, that I need to track using my WW app.  That's my preferred method, but I know other people that use LoseIt or MyFitnessPal and others that prefer to write it down on paper or in a notebook.    There are all sorts of different ways to track your food.  The big trick is to find one that you will actually use.  For me, I find the WW app works best.  One of the things that really makes me appreciate the app and tracking is that I can go back and look at what I ate if I've had a good week or if I had a not so good week.  It provides information to allow me to know what I may have done well that week or where I may need to improve for the coming week.  The short version is that if you are tracking, it provides feedback.  

You may have to try various options before you find one that works for you.  Don't give up on your goals, try different ways to find something that works for you and use it.  


  1. Tracking is most definitely one of the most important parts of losing weight. It's also one of the hardest for me to stick to! I get flighty and only log part of a day, which isn't helping much. Thanks for the reminder to get back to it!


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