Tuesday Talk, January 22nd

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I hope everyone enjoyed their MLK day!  I thought I'd start sharing the WW topic of the week here.  This week the topic is "Choose Your Moves".   While not everyone moves at the beginning of their weight loss journey, it sometimes becomes necessary to add in movement to get to your goal weight.  The big thing no matter which way you choose to move, is the pick something that you enjoy.  Try something new.  One of the changes that WW has implemented is how activity counts.  During my journey, I've tried various workouts including strength training, cardio on an elliptical or a bike, taken some classes such as Zumba and yoga and Nia.  Aside from being good for your health, I have found that it helps me sleep better at night.  Quite honestly, I feel much better when I have worked out.  Starting my day with workout and a prayer, well, it just makes my day go better.   These days, I mostly walk.  It's a struggle some days to get my steps in and other days it comes pretty easily.  Whatever you choose to do to incorporate some activity into your day, do something that you enjoy.  No matter what, you are a work in progress.  What activity is your "go-to"?  


  1. I don't see how anyone loses weight by just watching calories. I don't think that would work for me. I like to mix it all up and do cardio and weight training on alternating days.


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