Thursday Thoughts, January 10th

Happy Thursday a/k/a Friday eve!  I was scrolling through my FB Memories the other day and this popped up from 4 years ago:

"Okay, so they say in my WW meetings that if you just try to do 1 thing this week and write it down so that you are accountable, it's better. So here's my one thing: Planning dinners this week."

It was a reminder to me that I have been on this weight loss journey and focusing on making changes for some time.  Many things have changed during my years on this journey.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I have been on this journey for years.  In the beginning, I focused on all of the things to try to get the weight off.  I ate fat free cheese, drank fat free milk, consumed no calorie sweetener without regard to what it might do to my body.  After my Mom had a bad reaction from Splenda, things started to change for me.  There were things that I discovered that I would not compromise on like butter and sugar.  I decided that I would just take the "point hit" to have the real thing.  For me, this meant that I was eating butter less often, but still ate it.  I had sugar, but I was choosy about when I had it.  I still continued to eat cake or candy, but on special occasions.  As I grew, figuratively and literally, and the more research I did, I found that eating fat free everything really was not a great option for me.  I switched back to whole milk, which I hadn't drank in probably 20 years or so.  What I found is that I was more satiated with what I was eating and didn't need to use so much milk or cheese.  

Having said all of that, for the next few weeks, I want to take things back to basics.  Weight Watchers has been a great program for me and the thing that I love about it is that it is truly flexible.  If I want to have a cookie or a cupcake, especially with the new zero point foods, I can do that.  My primary focus right now is measuring and weighing out my servings.  Let's be honest, while there are so many foods on that zero point food list, that doesn't mean that you should eat 5 chicken breasts at one time.  Even though it's a zero point food, I only weigh out 3 oz. for my serving.  What's your "one thing" that you are focusing on this week? 


  1. I have been on my weight loss journey for years now too. This time, I want to focus on having a plan for maintenance when I reach my goal, since obviously I haven't done very well there in the past!


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