Friday Focus, January 25th

Happy Friday Friends!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  Last week, I mentioned that I was really focusing on my food since I wasn't working out.  I really haven't worked out this week, but have been hitting my step goal most days this week.  I didn't get as much done on Monday as I originally hoped, but I still got quite a bit accomplished.  Eggs boiled, two loaves of bread made, roasted Brussels Sprouts, roasted potatoes, made meat pies, made 2 lunches for my husband and I for Tuesday, smoothies made for 2 days and did multiple loads of hand dishes.  I feel like I had a "win" over the weekend as well.  My sweet husband and I go on a breakfast date on Saturday mornings.  I was so excited by the number on the scale and the fact that I have been doing pretty well in my Blue Dot Challenge that I didn't want to let my Saturday morning date de-rail my progress.  My husband and I had discussed and I knew he wanted to go to IHOP.  I checked out the menu, figured out what I could have, pre-tracked it and stuck with my plan.  I came in with a blue dot day!  Saturday will be another day to plan because we are having a women's breakfast with the women in my church.  The plan is to go to Cracker Barrel, which I know can easily get me off track.  I will go in with a plan.

In the coming week, I will continue to track, weigh and measure my food.  In addition, I will try to add in a 10 minute workout for 5 days.  It may not be much, but it will definitely point me in the right direction.  What is your focus for the coming week? 


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