What's Cookin Wednesday, December 26th

So I think I mentioned last week that I was attempting to recreate my Mom's candy making so that her legacy wouldn't die.  I know that sounds a bit morose, but it was sort of the way I felt about it.  My Mom and my Aunt Karen made candy most every year when I was growing up.  I thought I was really helping when I'd open all the caramels before they got melted.  This was always a special time for me.  While many of the candy changed periodically the two standbys were turtles and fudge.  I share a picture of my turtles last week.  This week, while not really weight loss friendly, I wanted to share the fudge recipe that I used to make this delicious fudge that my Mom and Aunt Karen used to make.  It is a family favorite.  

I remember making fudge before Mom passed and she said just use the recipe on the side of the marshmallow creme container.  While looking on Pinterest, I found this recipe for the "original" fantasy fudge recipe shared by The Savvy Age.  I have to tell you that it turned out well, after the first misstep.  Please always read your directions closely or you may wind up with fudge that won't really set up.  Every batch I made after the first one was great and set up really well.  I hope if you try it out that you enjoy it.  Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season!  


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