Meal Planning Monday, December 3rd

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I managed to lose a pound last week, which is a positive.  Last week, I planned to have this: 

Pizza Bubble Up casserole; 
Homemade Hamburger Helper mix with turkey;
Tostadas (I will probably ask my husband to make his no recipe Spanish Rice for the family);

Fryer Chicken with root vegetables.

What we had was: 

Lima Beans and cornbread;
Pizza Bubble Up Casserole;
Macaroni and Cheese (from Costco);
Veggie Pizza/Pepperoni frozen pizza for the kids;

It was not the best week as I had several days where I had a bad headache.  However, I tracked my food and hit my step goal.

For the coming week, I have planned:

Cheeseburgers with fries in the air fryer;
Turkey Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and an unspecified side;
Spaghetti with marinara;
Fryer Chicken with leftover macaroni and cheese; and
Bean and Cheese Burritos.

For lunches this week, the plan is to have salads a couple of days this week and for another couple of days, it will likely be chicken with veggies.  I am feeling positive that I have a game plan.  I know I have at least one doctor's appointment this week, but I really need to schedule a second one as well.  One step at a time thought.  

Downside, I apparently tweaked my knee today, but I put some Deep Blue Rub on it tonight and I an hoping it will feel better in the morning.  Hope everyone has a great week!  Do you have a game plan for your first week of December? 


  1. I have some traveling coming up, so I have definitely been planning! I am nervous about being so far off routine this upcoming month. I want to keep moving forward and not get thrown off the wagon like I have in the past.


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