Meal Planning Monday, December 24th

Happy Monday!  Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas Eve for those that celebrate Christmas!  I have to be real honest with y'all, last week was a big struggle.  I wound up going off plan for several meals and wound up letting my husband take the reins for a couple of days.  I got very sick on Wednesday night and was down for the count on Thursday.  

Monday: Fish sticks, Kraft macaroni and cheese and steamed Brussels Sprouts.

Tuesday: Crescent dogs

Wednesday: Crescent Chicken Pockets with steamed broccoli.  I used to crescent rolls together (trying to pinch the perforations together so it didn't pop open) . I put some canned chicken breast and shredded cheddar cheese in there.  Closed it up to create a pocket.

Thursday: My sweet husband picked up Panera Bread potato soup for me because I felt like I could hold it down.

Friday: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese again.

It wasn't the best week for weight loss, to be honest.  For a few days, ginger ale was my new bestie.  But based on my scale, not the official WW scale, I gained less than 0.5 pound.  

I am quite excited though as I was talking to my WW buddy Amy last week, I realized that I am less than 50 pounds from my weight loss goal.  Words cannot quite express how happy that makes me.  To that end, I need a game plan for the coming week. I probably won't really track tomorrow or on Christmas day because my eating will be a bit sporadic.  One of the WW Wellness Coaches at a local meeting challenged our meeting members on our FB group to walk/run 2019 miles in 2019.  I know it won't be easy and I'm probably going to have to work myself up to hitting those bigger miles, but I'm excited about the challenge.  It will also help me hit my weight loss goal.  

Wednesday, I will go back to work.  I have not really been eating much, but I will likely put together a soup, perhaps my variation of the 7 can soup or the creamy cauliflower potato soup, kicked up a notch.  For dinner, it will like be something not too difficult.  Perhaps spaghetti with Zero Point Marinara sauce or perhaps with Fettuccine.  I just need to use up my spaghetti squash.  Thursday, probably beans and cornbread.  Friday, Chili Cheese Tater Tots.  Saturday, I am hoping to prepare for the coming week.  I hope to have a better plan in place for the following week.  Have a wonderful Christmas eve! 


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