Meal Planning Monday, December 17th

Happy, happy Monday friends!  Thanks for stopping by!  

Last week, I planned to cook: 

Spaghetti with marinara;
Bean and Cheese Burritos;
Hobo Dinner Foil packets;
Breakfast for dinner; and
Chicken and roasted veggies.

What I remember for sure that we had was: 

Spaghetti with marinara;
Hobo Dinner Foil Packets;
Velveeta Shells and cheese;
Tomato Soup and Grill Cheese.

This week for dinners:

Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers with homemade "cheese fries";
7 Can soup minus the corn;
Breakfast for dinner;
Chicken "pies" with veggies;
Beans and cornbread;
Beans and rice (this isn't a definite, but a possibility for sure).

As always, these meals are subject to change without notice.  I haven't felt 100% this week, so it's been a bit of a struggle to feel inspired to make meals this past week. Hoping that passes this week and I am back to "normal". 

I am having a salad today and probably at least one more day this week.  I think we are going to have roasted potatoes, veggies and chicken or smoked sausage.

Weigh-in update for this week, I gained 0.2.  Honestly, considering my eating was not as on plan as I would have preferred, I am completely okay with it.  Sometimes it's just about figuring out how to navigate the waters so that I can do this for a lifetime.  I have a plan in place to try to get candy made along with the meals that I need to cook.  It's a process but I'm looking forward to it!  Have a magical Monday!


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