What's for Dinner Wednesday, November 28th

Hello wonderful friends! Happy Hump day!  I hope everyone is having a great week thus far.  

Is it just me or is it difficult to get back into your routine after a few days off?  It's been a little crazy for me, but I am determined that I will have my 5 perfect days to get back into my routine at the end of the week.  However, what I can say is getting back into my routine doesn't have to be all salads or veggie soup.  Last night, I decided to finally have the Pizza Bubble Up that has been on my meal plan for a couple of weeks.  Instead of making one casserole, I decided to make two 8x8 casseroles because not all my family likes the same pizza toppings.  I've got one part that prefers just pepperoni and I, personally, am not a fan.  I decided to use the Canadian bacon that I had in the freezer for one of the casseroles.  I added a Pearls Olives on the Go sliced olive container and some bell pepper, along with the Canadian bacon.  I like the bubble up casseroles because they are easy, family friendly and filling.  We had salad as well.

Here is a picture of my dinner all plated up.  I had already served up my family's dinner before I realized that I hadn't taken a picture.  It really turned out well.  I think if I had some pizza sauce, it might have been better, but it was good.  Good, as in there were no leftovers.


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