Thursday Thoughts, November 8th

Happy Thursday a/k/a Friday eve!  As the end of the year is quickly approaching, I am reminded of a promise I made to myself earlier this year...that I would take care of myself.  To that end, I've been seeing a cardiologist, a dermatologist, an allergy doctor.  I have an appointment with a sleep doctor next month.  I saw my GP recently to get my blood work done and get a routine checkout.  Today my stress echo is scheduled.  Honestly, I'm a little nervous.  I do agree with my cardiologist that given my family history, it's necessary.  I am making some good strides with my weight loss, even if not all of it shows on the scale.  I am getting compliments from people at church and from friends.  I am also noticing more and more that I really need to purge my closet.  I didn't realize how big the shirt I had on yesterday was or how big it looked on me.  I think we often forget how things really change with our bodies as we are losing weight.  It's definitely time to take the time to put clothes on and see how they make me feel as well as how they look.  

As I said yesterday, this journey right now is one step at a time.  Some days are easy breezy and other days are quite difficult, but I'm a work in progress.  Each day is another chance to challenge myself and be a better me than I was yesterday.  

Today I saw a recipe that looked really good.  My mind immediately jumped to how I can make it more WW friendly without compromising the fact that I don't want to put a lot of processed and fake stuff in it.  I'm learning to work within the plan, but planning for the things I truly want.  I think that's going to really come in handy around Thanksgiving.  How are you handling Thanksgiving?  Are you following your plan or are you using it as a "cheat day"?  I haven't completely decided yet.  I do know and appreciate that I can work the program and plan for those things that I truly want.  


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