Thursday Thoughts, Nov. 14th

Happy Thursday a/k/a Friday eve friends!  I know I was just talking about The Biggest Loser not long ago.  In my search to try to find some of the earlier episodes online, I ran across another couple of shows that really gave me pause.  I have, in the past, watched My 600 Lb Life.  More recently what I've seen while watching Supersized and then Supersize vs. Superskinny really brought light to the multitude of eating disorders that there are out there.  Supersize vs. Superskinny truly focuses on both sides of the coin.  The reality is that it is very scary dealing with either anorexia or morbid obesity.  I think the interesting thing about putting them together in an "eating house" is that they could not hide from what they had been eating because their partner had to eat what they were normally eating during the week.  I think for so many of the contestants it was quite a rude awakening because they had to face what they had been eating.  On Supersized there are many people who were frustrated due to their weight and the things that they could not do and then there were those that were very happy with their weight.  I have to say that it brought light to some of the prejudices regarding those people that are obese and morbidly obese.  While I can truly say that I'm not entirely happy at the weight that I am currently, I have come to realize for myself that I have to accept where I am in order to move forward.  The fact is that there are some great things about me.  I am mot perfect, but I can see the things that have changed.  That is truly progress in my mind.  I feel like I am eating to live now more often than I feel like I'm living to eat.

Looking back on where I was when I very first started this journey, I am shocked and amazed that I didn't do more damage to my health.  I was eating food that was tremendously bad for me, and a TON of fast food.  I had all sorts of excuses and reasons behind the decisions I was making, but the truth is that I was simply not making the time to meal plan or meal prep in advance.  My days were long because I had 3 hour total commute.  The change that I have made since that time are tremendous.  I never would have guessed that I would be in this place with my food and my health journey.  How have you changed since first starting your journey?


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