Talk to Me Tuesday, November 13th

Happy Tuesday, friends!  As many of you know I was a fan of The Biggest Loser.  No matter what went on behind the scenes, it was still inspiration for me to watch those contestants change their lives.  I know there was a lot of controversy over what may have happened behind the scenes, but part of what I saw in those contestants are things that I've seen in myself on this journey.  

When the mind begins to shift, everything changes.  I know that for me with my food, that has happened.  I saw a friend's blog that she's feeling that with her workouts.  We each have different strengths and weaknesses.  With my food, I have found that I can have certain foods in my house and I don't just go get the bag and eat until I can't eat anymore.  Sadly, with certain foods, I used to do that.  I found a show that NBC came out with apparently in 2016 called "Strong" that reminded me of the mind shift and how the contestant's change over time.  I know that the contestants, and even the winners, have not all maintained their weight loss.  Their lives stopped for them to train and participate in their program.  The world doesn't stop for me.  I am a working mother.   

Every day life is part of this journey.  Every day on this journey isn't easy, but I know I am worth it. No matter what is going on, celebrations, etc., I make the choice to stay on this journey with every meal and every snack.  I am a work in progress.  It is about choices and up to me to be responsible for me.  It has taken me a little  bit to figure that all out though.  I have been here, meaning this weight I am currently, before.  I truly feel like my mind has changed because of all of the things that I have learned.  Truly, this is my choice each day to figure out if I'm going to keep moving forward or let myself slip back into old habits...and some of those habits now just disgust me.  My tastes have changed and I simply cannot eat the way I used to eat.  I feel like this time when I hit a new "decade" that I won't be seeing the old one again.  

I have been working on myself for quite some time and still have more to go.  I can see so many of the changes that I've made with my relationship with food and with my workouts.  I still struggle with workouts.  I look back at where I was a few years ago and it makes me sad because I was good with my workouts.  At the moment, however, I just have to focus on the fact that I have room for improvement.  As my mind continues to shift, I will continue down this path to better health.  My health and my life  is definitely worth it.  Have you experienced a mind shift yet?


  1. I really liked Biggest Loser for a while too. I was excited when John won a few years ago :) Then the next season was so much drama and silliness that I stopped watching. I wish they would bring it back and focus on the workouts and the hard work and the progress of the contestants, and not on drama.


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