Flashback Friday, November 9th

Happy Friday friends!  I wanted to continue with my story from last week.  Within hours after my baby dumpling was born, we had a minor scare with a student nurse being unable to find his heartbeat.  I won't lie, it scared me to the point that I sent his father after them to find out what was going on.  Nurse Polly was able to get things taken care of quickly.  The days in the hospital that followed are a bit of a blur, but things I can recall include finding it difficult to have him in the nursery.  Breastfeeding wasn't the easiest task, but I am glad that I took advantage of the help at the hospital.  When we were finally released to go home, I was a scared "Mommy".  At the time, I had a soft side water bed and I was concerned about getting in and out of the bed so soon after giving birth.  I quickly discovered that he was hungry CONSTANTLY.  Knowing what I know now, I think I was not eating in the best possible way to give him the nutrition that he needed.  I lived with Mom when we brought him home from the hospital.  Those first few nights were scary for me because we didn't have central heat and air in the house and I was afraid he'd get too cold so his bassinet was in front of the gas heater.  I was sleeping on the couch and his father was sleeping in the floor next to me.  Late at night or the wee hours of the morning, I'd say "I can't hear him breathing." and my ex would be gracious enough to drag himself up off the floor and go make sure he was breathing.  This went on for a night or two.  Our first night home from the hospital was Halloween and I was home alone.  Thankfully, my friend Tammy came over and hung out with me and answered the door for the trick or treaters.  Mom's house was pretty popular at the time so I'm glad I had some help.  The next few months to come were tricky.  My little one suffered with colic and I was completely ignorant how to deal with that issue.  Mom was a huge help during that time.  She'd try to let me handle it and when it was clear that I was about to start crying uncontrollably myself she'd take me and show me various techniques to help me deal with it.  I don't think I could have handled his colic without her intervention.  He was not a fan of burping as a baby for some reason.  I cannot imagine how I would have made it through those times without Mom's help.  I don't know how first time moms do it without someone older to share the wealth of information they have about child-rearing.  There are so many things that I would have never known without her guidance.  It was truly invaluable.  I say all of this to day that aside from thinking she's pretty awesome because I'm biased, she really was a God-send during that time of my life.  


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